The Air Above The Tamarinds     1957

The casuarinas form
a fretwork fleet
of bright vermilion butterflies
that fall across the beach
in orange and sudden warmth;
So, when thunder rains
come slantwise down across the sky,
their leaves unlatch
and ply like sampans down
from the damp moss-trees;
Until they're poised below
the istana's minarets,
like rapid fleets in the whirlpool shoal,
Or disappearing silhouettes.

Poem adapted from:
Casuarinas in Johore by Margaret Leong (1957)

Artist’s Impression

The Nyon Story

Across the seaside neighbourhood, NYON’s contemporary and time-honouring silhouette rises. With a foundation deeply rooted in its heritage, NYON offers a stunning modern take, with human-centric features and upscale comforts. From the romance of its public spaces, to the thoughtful design of every apartment, the NYON mark of originality can be seen and felt.

Re-creating a Typical Typology of a Residential Tower:

A human-scaled yet volumetric first storey resembles the identity of East Coast which brings reminiscence of old times.

Spaces are layered, progressing from enclosed to open, creating a different sense of space for the users.

With its pure white square blocks, it is considered as a starting point for the residents to imprint their new lifestyle onto it, while standing out from the typical residential towers nearby. 

Park + Associates Pte Ltd

Inspiration Retold

A luxurious residence inspired by a treasure of memories, objects, and craft from the Peranakan legacy.

Award-winning developer Aurum Land has crafted an exceptional residence that captures the best of East Coast living — the harmonious union of heritage and modernity set in a dynamic cosmopolitan city.

Occupying a prime position that bridges irresistible city comforts to precious cultural stories.

NYON gracefully presents an elevated lifestyle within and without walls

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